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Cupolex Domes

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  • Cupolex Domes

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    Cupolex Building System is the leader in Dome Forming Concrete Floor Technology, the most cost effective, advanced and sustainable solution for residential building projects

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    Cupolex Product Range 

    • The CUPOLEX® range of dome heights is as follows: 95, 135, 200, 260, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, 650, 700mm
    • The H20, H26 and H35 domes BETON STOPS® and STOP ENDS® are manufactured in Australia
    • Other sizes can be imported on a project by project basis. Please contact us with your enquiry if you need a different size
    • BETON STOP® is designed to close the side openings of the CUPOLEX® domes. BETON STOP® compensates dimensional variations in slabs negating the need to cut the CUPOLEX® units. BETON STOP® allows the CUPOLEX® aerated floor to be suitable for any concrete slab dimensions
    • PONTEX® is an interlocking beam system that uses less concrete and rebar compared to standard methods
    • Want to know more about our range of Cupolex products? Contact us now