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MasterFlex 610 PER 10MTR

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  • MasterFlex 610 PER 10MTR

    MasterSeal 910 - Hydroswelling waterbars for joints

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    MasterSeal 910 - Hydroswelling waterbars for joints

    How does MasterSeal 910 work?

    MasterSeal 910 is a hydroswelling waterbar, ready for installation in cold joints to render the joints leak-proof.

    MasterSeal 910 is recommended for all construction joints exposed to hydrostatic pressure.

    Application areas include joints between:

    • Abutments of concrete and rock, masonry, etc.
    • Rafts and walls in tunnels and basements.
    • Steel and concrete pipes, precast elements etc.

    What makes MasterSeal 910 a unique solution?

    It is based on a blend of acrylate polymers and a unique hydroswelling polymer that acts by swelling on exposure to water, to form a seal.

    What are the benefits of MasterSeal 910?

    • Swells in contact with water by up to 150% - prevents water ingress even when the joint width varies.
    • Water molecules held by molecular attraction – captured water does not get transported through capillaries thus stopping further water ingress.
    • Controlled swelling – swelling pressure insufficient to damage concrete.
    • Does not form foam or gas with water – water absorption creates a durable seal. No air bubbles to breakdown and allow leaks.
    • Reversible swelling process – will reabsorb water after dry periods and accommodate minor movements in the structure.

    Product Information

    MasterSeal 910 Technical Data Sheet