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MasterFlex 612 / 912 310ML

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  • MasterFlex 612 / 912 310ML

    MasterSeal 912 / 612 - Waterstopping swelling paste

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    MasterSeal 912 / 612 - Waterstopping swelling paste

    How does MasterSeal 912 work?

    MasterSeal 912 is a single component, moisture curing pre-polymer which is reswellable when in contact with water, suitable for the permanent sealing of construction joints in concrete structures.

    Recommended uses:

    • Construction joints of every kind.
    • Connecting joints in sheet pilings or diaphragm walls.
    • Sealing of bell butt joints.
    • Wall penetration for metal, plastic, concrete pipes and cable bushing.
    • Bonding of MasterSeal 910 swelling waterbars on very uneven or rough surfaces. MasterSeal 910 swelling waterbars are pressed strongly into the paste bead.
    • Surrounding steel reinforcement bars on pile head.

    What makes MasterSeal 912 a unique solution?

    On contact with water, the cured swelling gasket paste swells and seals the construction joint against water penetration.

    What are the benefits of MasterSeal 912?

    • Simple to use
    • High swelling capacity in contact with water
    • Highly resistant to chemicals and saline liquids
    • Good adhesion to dry and moist surfaces (concrete< steel and plastics)
    • Reversible swelling process

    Product Information & Safety Data Sheets

    MasterSeal 912 Technical Data Sheet

    MasterSeal 912 Safety Data Sheet