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Easy Mix Concrete 30KG

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  • Easy Mix Concrete 30KG

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    Easy Mix Concrete 30KG

    Easy Mix Concrete is a convenient, pre-blended mix of dry aggregates, specially graded sands and cement that achieves a fully cured strength rating of 25MPa.

    It is ideal for applications that require a smooth, quality finish such as small slabs, paths, footings and garden edges but can also be used for securing letterboxes, fence posts, light posts and clothes lines.

    Now available in our all new weather resistant water proof packaging.

    1. Make sure your project is properly laid out with all the necessary tools at hand.
    2. Pour the requires volume of concrete into a wheelbarrow or onto a clean surface. Use contents as soon as possible after opening the package.
    3. Calculate the amount of water you will need. As an approximate guide, use 1.0 – 1.2 litres of clean water per 10kg bag, 2.0 – 2.3 litres of water per 20kg bag and 3.0 – 3.5 litres per 30kg bag.
    4. Add water gradually and mix thoroughly to a stiff consistency. Do not add water after the concrete has been mixed, as this will reduce the strength of the concrete.

    Note: Excess water can ruin good concrete, use caution when adding water to your mix.

     Handy Hints

    Placing Concrete

    1. Using a straight-edge board across the top of the formwork, ‘screed’ the concrete to the desired level. Work the screedboard across the slab from one end to the other in a sawing motion to bring the slab to its finished level.
    2. Fill any holes and screed again.
    3. Remove excess concrete if necessary and leave the slab to set for 1 hour (depending on weather conditions), before finishing.

    Finishing Concrete
    Leave the installed concrete to stand for approximately one hour before trowling to the desired finish.

    For a non-slip finish (or if tiling over top), use a wooden float in a circular motion across the slab. For a smooth finish, a steel float should be used. Edges should be finished with an edging tool for best results.


    Curing Concrete
    Cure the concrete by keeping it moist for 7 days.