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  • Jointex-Conform

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    Homogeneous Bitumen Emulsion Fibre Board

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    Homogeneous Bitumen Emulsion Fibre Board:
    Conform is ideal for use as a filler strip in expansion control joints
    for most types of concrete construction.
    All products meet or exceed the requirements set forth in
    AASHTO-M-213, ASTMD-1751 AND
    Federal Specification HH-F-341F, Type I,
    and Corps of Engineers Specification CRD-C508-87.
    ASTM tests verified by outside lab.
    9315478 Size Unit Pallet qty
    323409 60mm x 9.5mm x 2.44m Length 500
    323416 75mm x 9.5mm x 2.44m " 500
    323423 100mm x 9.5mm x 2.44m " 450
    323430 125mm x 9.5mm x 2.44m " 300
    323447 150mm x 9.5mm x 2.44m " 300
    32346 200mm x 9.5mm x 2.44m " 200
    32348 250mm x 9.5mm x 2.44m " 150
    32349 300mm x 9.5mm x 2.44m " 100
    32355 900mm x 9.5mm x 2.44m " 50/110

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    Conform PDS

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    Conform MSDS

    Other sizes available in 25mm increments.
    Note: It is advisable to store Conform/Jointex undercover.