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Pavex End Caps

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  • Pavex End Caps

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    Product Name: PaveX™ Expanda™ End Caps
    Main Image: Combined End Caps_75mm to 125mm - Perspective 1.png
    Available sizes: PX075C – suits PaveX™ Expanda™ 75mm PX100C – suits PaveX™ Expanda™ 100mm PX125C – suits PaveX™ Expanda™ 125mm
    Overview: The use of PaveX™ Expanda™ end caps can mitigate the ingress of debris into the internal expansion voids of the profile. Available in a 50pce Pack.



    Suits PaveX™ Expanda™ Expansion Joint Profiles: 75mm, 100mm and 125mm


    How to use: Place an end cap on either end of the PaveX™ Expanda™ profile prior to positioning between the timber formwork. End caps are cast into the concrete, covering the exposed ends of the Expanda™ profile.


    Typical Uses: Expansion & construction joints in footpaths, bicycle paths, driveways and urban streetscapes.