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MasterFinish RL211 20LTR

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  • MasterFinish RL211 20LTR

    MasterFinish RL 211 - High quality water based surface consolidation and form release agent

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    MasterFinish RL 211 - High quality water based surface consolidation and form release agent

    How does MasterFinish RL 211 work?

    MasterFinish RL 211 is a ready-to-use, water based, non-toxic surface consolidation agent with excellent form release properties.

    Recommended uses:

    • Application to all types of formwork including wood, metal, polyester or plywood where a good surface finish and optimum release are required.


    What makes MasterFinish RL 211 a unique solution?

    It has been specially formulated to reduce or eliminate surface imperfections in precast, prestressed and poured-in-place concrete, and to give easy and complete release of concrete when applied to most types of forms or form liners.

    What are the benefits of MasterFinish RL 211?

    • Unique product to improve concrete off-form finish and ensure optimum release of formwork
    • Improved concrete surface by reducing or eliminating surface voids and defects
    • Minimises repair costs associated with patching or polishing to remove surface defects
    • Improved surface quality often leads to better prices for finished product
    • Non-staining, suitable even for concrete containing off-white cement
    • Promotes easy and efficient stripping of forms
    • Reduces the need for and cost of frequently cleaning forms by reducing the concrete residue.
    • Easy and inexpensive to apply by spray
    • Milky appearance means increased coverage by reducing overlapping applications
    • Better and safer working environment
    • Non-toxic, being made from "skin friendly" ester oils
    • Biodegradable
    • Suitable for use indoors or outdoors
    • Provides a water repellent, rainproof, rust-inhibiting film to the formwork

    Product Information & Safety Data Sheets

    MasterFinish RL 211 Technical Data Sheet

    MasterFinish RL 211 Safety Data Sheet Australia

    MasterFinish RL 211 Safety Data Sheet New Zealand