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Masterkure 402 20LTR

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  • Masterkure 402 20LTR

    MasterKure 402 - Solvent based acrylic copolymer curing compound and sealer

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    MasterKure 402 - Solvent based acrylic copolymer curing compound and sealer

    How does MasterKure 402 work?

    MasterKure 402 is a clear, modified acrylic, membrane forming, curing compound for use on plain or coloured concrete. MasterKure 402 meets and exceeds the moisture retention requirements of ASTM C-309 "Specification for Liquid Membrane-Forming Compounds" when applied at the recommended rate.

    Recommended uses:

    • Curing plain and coloured fresh concrete floors, smooth or textured surfaces, indoor or outdoor applications.
    • Curing cementitious toppings and surface hardening finishes, particularly those containing metallic aggregates such as the MasterTop 200 range.
    • Efficiently curing all cementitious grouts and mortars including MasterFlow iron and natural aggregate formulations.

    What makes MasterKure 402 a unique solution?

    When applied at the recommended rate MasterKure 402 effectively seals in moisture to facilitate complete hydration of cement, resulting in maximum strength, increased durability, greater wear resistance and minimum surface dusting.

    What are the benefits of MasterKure 402?

    • Safe, will not increase the slipperiness of concrete floors
    • Easy to use, can be applied by brush, roller or spray
    • Can be applied to smooth or rough surfaces
    • Leaves polished glazed appearance on floor surface
    • Can be recoated to provide glossy surface

    Product Information & Safety Data Sheet

    MasterKure 402 Technical Data Sheet

    MasterKure 402 Safety Data Sheet Australia