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Cemtop Advanced GP 20KG

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  • Cemtop Advanced GP 20KG

    Cemtop GP Advanced is a heavy duty underlay product forming a smooth, hard surface for various floor finishes including carpet and ceramic tiles

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    Cemtop GP Advanced

    High performance floor underlay, self smoothing, levelling mortar for carpet / tiles (2-50 mm thickness) with enhanced flow properties for fast and easy application.

    Cemtop GP Advanced is designed as a heavy duty underlay which forms a smooth, hard surface for a variety of floor finishes including carpet and ceramic tiles. Cemtop GP Advanced may, depending on the end use of the floor, be used in conjunction with high build epoxy resin based systems such as Durafloor SL (refer separate Technical Data Sheet). Cemtop GP Advanced can be used in residential, commercial and light industrial applications and is suitable for both new construction and refurbishment projects.

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