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Conbextra C 20KG

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  • Conbextra C 20KG

    At lower temperatures, Conbextra C grout should be applied only when the substrate temperature and the ambient temperature is above 5°C and rising.

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    Conbextra C

    General purpose, flowable, dual shrinkage compensated cementitious grout - (gaps 10 mm to 100 mm thickness).

    General purpose shrinkage compensated cementitious grout, is supplied as a ready to use dry powder. The addition of a controlled amount of clean water produces a flowing shrinkage compensated grout for gap thicknesses from 10 mm up to 100 mm. Conbextra C is a blend of Portland cement, specially graded fillers and additives which impart controlled expansion in the plastic and hardened state whilst minimising water demand. The low water demand ensures high early strength. The graded filler is designed to assist uniform mixing and produce a consistent, flowable grout. Maximum aggregate size for pumping is 0.3 mm.

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