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Masterflow 815 DP 20KG

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  • Masterflow 815 DP 20KG

    MasterFlow 815 - Cementitious high strength non-shrink precision grout for deep pour applications

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    MasterFlow 815 - Cementitious high strength non-shrink precision grout for deep pour applications

    How does MasterFlow 815 work?

    MasterFlow 815 is a non-shrink, natural aggregate precision grout for deep pours, formulated to provide ample working time when mixed and placed at a flowable consistency.

    MasterFlow 815 is used for all precision, non-shrink grouting applications with thick layers and clearances of 50mm including:

    • Equipment baseplates, sole plates & columns
    • Precast concrete panels, beams and columns
    • Grouting thick pour applications up to 500mm thick
    • Concrete repair applications where a form and pour material is required
    • Applications requiring high early compressive strengths and high ultimate compressive strengths


    What are the unique features of MasterFlow 815?

    MasterFlow 815 contains specially graded natural aggregate and provides high early and ultimate compressive strengths. MasterFlow 815 is generally used for deep pour applications between 50mm and 500mm.

    What are the benefits of MasterFlow 815?

    • High strength – provides good early and ultimate strengths, which ensure quick return to service and long term durability
    • Non shrink – hardens free of bleeding, settlement and drying shrinkage when placed at flowable consistency
    • Ample working time – remains placeable even at high ambient temperatures
    • Flowable consistency - able to pumped with grout pump
    • Non staining – free of metallic aggregate
    • Complies with codes – meets requirements of AS1478.2-2005 and the non-shrink requirements of ASTM C1090 and CRD-C 621, Corps of Engineers Specification for Non-Shrink Grout
    • Provides complete non-shrink performance when tested in accordance with a simulated bedplate technique