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Masterflow 926 20KG

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  • Masterflow 926 20KG

    MasterFlow 926 - Cementitious rapid setting general purpose construction grout

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    MasterFlow 926 - Cementitious rapid setting general purpose construction grout

    How does MasterFlow 926 work?

    MasterFlow 926 is a rapid setting natural aggregate fluid grout for repair of concrete surfaces. MasterFlow 926 is normally placed at a flowable consistency to completely fill voids between 12mm and 30mm.

    Recommended uses:

    • Fast grouting and repair applications where a fluid repair and/or exceptionally high early strength is required
    • Small section concrete floor repairs where minimum shutdown time is desired and the floor must be back in service in 3-4 hours
    • Raising manhole frames to new grade level for an asphalt overlay
    • Anchor bolt grouting
    • Balustrade post setting

    What are the unique features of MasterFlow 926?

    MasterFlow 926 has rapid high early and ultimate strength development (approximately 25 MPa after only 2 hours) for minimum traffic shutdowns

    What are the benefits of MasterFlow 926?

    • Fluid consistency - easy to apply under machinery or for small floor repairs
    • Packaged ready-to-use product requiring only the addition of potable water for mixing

    Product Information & Safety Data Sheet

    MasterFlow 926 Technical Data Sheet

    MasterFlow 926 Safety Data Sheet Australia