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    Armourform has been used on most of Australia€s premier construction sites for more than 30 years, including Sydney€s Anzac Bridge, Sydney Harbour Tunnel and Lang Park Stadium. Armourform has been exported to New Zealand, England, the Middle East and South-East Asia, and used in many internationally renowned construction sites including Dubai Festival City, Burjuman Shopping Centre, Dubai; Central Plaza Tower, Hong Kong; Chi Mei Bridge, Taiwan; Singapore Airlines Tower, Singapore; My Tuan Bridge, Vietnam; Di Wang Tower, China; High Speed Rail, Korea.

    Fully Accredited
    Manufactured in Australia at Big River€s Grafton and Wagga Wagga sites, all Big River formply is certified under the EWPAA product certification scheme to meet to meet AS/NZS 2269 & AS/NZS 2271. All products carry the PAA stamp of accreditation to the relevant Australian and New Zealand Standards under a JAS-ANZ accredited, third party audited quality control program that is internationally recognised.

    Refer to the Specifications tab for full product information, including comparative features and benefits of each product in the range.

    Armourform Formply Range
    Stress Grade Sheet Size Thicknesses Construction
    F27 Armourform 1800€1200, 2400€1200 12, 17, 19 & 25mm Total hardwood
    F22 Armourform 1800€1200, 2400€1200 12, 17, 19 & 25mm Mixture pine and hardwood
    F17 Armourform 1800€1200, 2400€1200 17mm (A) 17 & 19mm (B) All pine or pine and hardwood
    F14 Armourform 1800€1200, 2400€1200 12, 17, 19 & 25mm All pine


    Armourform Specifications
    Stress Grades F14, F17, F22, F27
    Standard AS/NZS 6669
    Timber Species Mixed Hardwood, Radiata Pine, 0.9mm Hardwood face and back
    Moisture Content As per AS/NZS 2269 (not less than 8% or more than 15%)
    Tolerance As per AS/NZS 2369-2008
    Adhesives Phenol formaldehyde (AS/NZS 2754.1) -Type A.
    Melamine fortified urea formaldehyde (AS/NZS 2754-1) € Type B
    Bonds F22 and F27 € Type B (AS/NZS 2098.2)
    F17 € Type A or B
    F14 € Type A
    Formadelhyde Emission E0
    Off-form Finish Suitable for Class 2 and Class 3
    Certification EWPAA. Chain of Custody AS4707


    Features and Benefits

    Armourform F27

    Total Hardwood Green Edge formply with a high density phenolic overlay
    Premium quality formply, manufactured and designed for fixed formwork applications
    Superior spanning capabilities ideal for tableforms, jumpforms, slipforms, shutters, heavy civil engineering and mining applications

    Armourform F22

    Green Edge Red Stripe formply constructed with a mixture of hardwood / pine veneers and has a high-density phenolic overlay
    Cost effective formply with a high strength to weight ratio
    Offers great versatility as it can be used in all applications from conventional to system formwork

    Armourform F17

    Green Edge Yellow Stripe formply constructed with mixed species veneers with a hardwood face and phenolic overlay
    Highly durable and ideal for general formwork use such as decks, recast and tilt up panel construction

    Armourform F14

    Constructed from pine veneers with hardwood face and phenolic overlay
    Cost effective formply for general use, but without the strength or re-usability of the higher stress graded products in our range




    Big River Formwork Brochure

    Plywood MSDS