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Haymes Enamel High Gloss Ultra Deep

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  • Haymes Enamel High Gloss Ultra Deep

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    NewLife Enamel

    The Haymes NewLife Enamel Range is a premium quality paint that provides a tough, hardwearing finish for your doors, windows, trim and contact areas. NewLife Enamels can also be used for broad wall applications and metal surfaces where a tougher finish is desired.

    Available in a Flat and Satin finish for Interior use along with a High Gloss finish that is suitable for both Interior & Exterior applications.

    • Highly durable
    • Hard wearing
    • Great coverage
    • Excellent flow

    NewLife Flat Enamel is a hardwearing finish for Interior walls and ceilings where a flat finish is desired. It provides good sealing properties and levels to a smooth finish.

    The NewLife Satin Enamel is a premium quality hard wearing, scrubbable satin enamel is suitable for use for interior trims and walls. It is resistant to marking, easy to clean and ideal for use in areas subject to steam and condensation.

    High Gloss
    The NewLife High Gloss Enamel is a premium quality finish for Interior & Exterior use suitable for timber, masonry and metal surfaces. It has a stunning shine that provides excellent mark resistance making it suitable for trim in high wear areas.

    Simple Tips:

    Keep a wet edge at all times and don't forget to "lay off" the walls with a semi dry roller to ensure you receive an even finish