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Haymes Exterior Gloss White

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  • Haymes Exterior Gloss White

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    NewLife Exterior Acrylic


    Haymes Newlife Exterior is a premium quality Exterior paint for your home. Manufactured to protect surfaces from the harsh UV elements NewLife Exterior is reinforced with a 10 Year Protection guarantee against Peeling, Blistering & Flaking.

    Easy to apply, NewLife Exterior is a water based 100% acrylic paint ideal for various exterior surfaces including weatherboards, fascias, guttering and most timber and masonry surfaces.

    Offering excellent flexibility for timber and dirt resistant properties, this self priming product will provide you with a long lasting finish.

    • 10 year guarantee
    • Self priming
    • Long Lasting
    • Great coverage
    • 100% Acrylic


    Low Sheen
    NewLife Exterior Low Sheen is a high quality finish ideal for use on most exterior timber surfaces without the need for priming. It is also suitable for masonry, brick, metal and can also be used on timber decking and outdoor furniture. The Low Sheen finish assists in hiding surface imperfections making it suitable for large broad wall areas and rough sawn timbers.

    NewLife Exterior Gloss has a quality gloss finish providing excellent UV protection and resistance to dirt. It is ideal for use on exterior weatherboards, trim and most timber surfaces where a gloss finish is required. It can be applied without the use of a primer and is suited to smooth surfaces.

    Simple Tips:

    Keep a wet edge at all times and don't forget to "lay off" the walls with a semi dry roller to ensure you receive an even finish