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Haymes Lowsheen Acrylic Extra Dark

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  • Haymes Lowsheen Acrylic Extra Dark

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    Haymes Interior Expressions

    Haymes Interior Expressions is quite simply the finest interior paint, offering the most advanced way to bring colour and style into life. Using Haymes endless passion to craft the best paint, the Interior Expressions range brings you discernibly richer, truer colours to impress.

    Haymes Interior Expressions covers like no other— its superb coverage means you require less effort and paint to achieve that beautiful result you have been dreaming of. Brilliantly easy to use with minimal roller splatter and the convenience of water wash-up. Haymes Interior Expressions is a washable, stain-resistant paint that is presented in a variety of finishes that are available in thousands of colours.

    Made with environmentally aware production processes, the Haymes Interior Expressions range is 99% VOC free - A family friendly formulation, that allows you to move back in virtually straight after painting, meaning it emits no offensive fumes or odours for the life of the paint - now that?s A Breath of Fresh Air™!

    • No fumes or odours for the life of the paint
    • Greater than 99% VOC FREE
    • Washable & Stain resistant
    • Superb coverage
    • Minimal roller splatter

    Low Sheen
    Interior Expressions Low Sheen is the popular choice for Bedrooms and Living rooms due to the performance the subtle low sheen finish provides. It is a scrubbable and durable finish for the family home. The Low Sheen is also suitable for Ceilings where moisture and steam are present such as Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundries.

    Semi Gloss
    Interior Expressions Semi Gloss is ideal for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundries and areas exposed to steam and condensation. The finish ensures ease of washability and excellent mark resistance making the semi gloss popular for use in kid?s bedrooms where a durable acrylic finish is desired.

    The Interior Expressions Matt finish offers fantastic hiding power, assisting in hiding any surface imperfections. The washable, non reflecting finish is ideally suited for family living areas or medium traffic areas.

    Simple Tips:

    Keep a wet edge at all times and don't forget to "lay off" the walls with a semi dry roller to ensure you receive an even finish.