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Rota Cota Rolla Cleaner

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  • Rota Cota Rolla Cleaner

    Suitable for use with water based paints Suitable for rollers up to 270mm long with 10-22mm nap length

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    The RotaCota Easy Clean Rolla Cleana removes paint from roller covers with minimal mess and fuss, and in less than half the time of standard cleaning methods.

    • Cleans in less than 30 seconds
    • Incorporates a standard garden hose attachment for universal use.
    • Locking mechanism for cage frame
    • Durable one-piece construction
    • Lightweight design

    Suitable for use with water based paints. Suitable for rollers up to 270mm long with 10-22mm nap length.

    Firstly use the curved scraper lip to scrape off the excess paint from the roller back into paint can or tray.
    Insert the roller into the Rolla Cleana.
    Lock frame into the notch.
    Connect the hose to snap-on connector and hold over empty bucket to collect waste.
    Turn on water supply gradually increasing to full flow.
    Turn off water supply and unlock roller frame.

    Once finished with the Rolla Cleana, check the Rolla Cleana is free of paint then allow to dry then store in the box that was provided.