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Partner Ring Saw Husqvarna K970 14''

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  • Partner Ring Saw Husqvarna K970 14''

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    Husqvarna K970 Concrete Ring Saw, 967290701


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    • Wet cutting only
    • Diamond blade sold separately.
    • Engine with X-Torq® produces 75 % less emissions, 20 % lower fuel consumption and more power

    14" Diamond Concrete Ring Blades

    Blades sold separately

    • ELR20 14" Ring blade for working in hard to very hard concrete
    • ELR45 14" Ring Blade Medium-hard blade with a wide range of applications
    • ELR70 14" Ring Blade Hard blade for cutting soft building material
    • SLR45 14" Ring Blade Moderately hard blade with a wide range of applications

    K970 Concrete Ring Saw Applications

    • Deep concrete cutting
    • Gas/water/sewer maintenance
    • Demolition work
    • Indoor/Refurbishment work

    Husqvarna K970 Ring Saw Specifications
    Blade Size 14 inch
    Power (Gas) 6.4 hp / 4,800 W
    No Load RPM 5,400
    Arbor Only Husqvarna Ring Blades
    Depth of Cut 10 inch
    Weight 29.8 lbs

    K970 Ring Saw General Info

    Husqvarna has created the first 14" gas powered saw with a 10" cutting depth. This might seem impossible because a standard 14" blade cuts to a maximum depth of 5". In the mid-1980’s we invented and patented the unique hydraulic Ring Saw. The drive disk rotates the ring blade from the inner edge of the blade, not the center where the axle limits the cutting depth. With its thoroughly tested ring cutting principle and sensational 10" cutting depth, the K970 Ring Saw also has the maneuverability and versatility of a gas-powered saw, giving you the best of both worlds.

    Increase your capacity and your cutting possibilities

    The K950 Ring Saw is a completely new saw that is just as handy, maneuverable and versatile as an ordinary gas-powered saw. You can quickly and easily cut through 10" walls, ceilings and floors from one side. Since the widest part of the cutting blade is inside the material, over cutting in the corners can practically be eliminated. The result is more efficient work with cleaner cuts and fewer touch ups. Another advantage, there is less digging when cutting around pipes that are lying in trenches.

    To sum it up, Husqvarna's new K970 Ring Saw opens up new possibilities for applications that cannot be done with a standard gas-powered saw and you can double your capacity.

    Husqvarna’s patented drive principle

    Our experience of the ring saw principle is long and unique, this helped us improve the design over the years. The blade is guided by and runs on four rollers at the outside edge of the blade. Two engagement rollers fit into a groove on the side of the blade and force the blade, under spring tension, forward in the drive wheel. The drive wheel is powered by the gas engine. The V shaped groove in the wheel drives the inside rim of the blade much like a pulley drives a V-belt. The other two rollers (support rollers) hold the blade in place from the