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Partner Saw Husqvarna K760 14'' With Wet Kit Only

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  • Partner Saw Husqvarna K760 14'' With Wet Kit Only

    Item Tags: Partner Saw Husqvarna K760 14'' With Wet Kit Only

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    Husqvarna K 760

    Our best-selling all-round power cutter. Light weight and every detail developed with ergonomics in mind. The outstanding power-to-weight ratio, the reliable start and exceptionally low vibrations (below 2.5 m /s2) mean less strain and maximised work time.

    300/350 mm


    • Maintenance-free air filter
    • Optimised engine performance
    • Easy to change blade guard position
    • High power with less fuel
    • Less slurry and low water consumption
    • Fits multiple blade bushings
    • Less emissions and fuel consumption
    • Blade retarder
    • Maintenance-free starter
    • Reduced wear
    • Cuts close to walls or ground
    • Active Air Filtration™
    • Anti-vibration system
    • DuraStarter™
    • EasyStart
    • Poly-V belt
    • SmartCarb™


    • Light and powerful

      A light, compact and powerful machine with superior power-to-weight ratio.

    • Exceptionally low vibrations

      Vibrations below 2.5 m/s2 in the cutter handles for more comfort and longer operation periods.

    • Long service intervals

      A strong Poly-V belt combined with our maintenance-free starter DuraStarter™ and efficient filter-system Active Air Filtration™ ensures long service intervals.

    • Easy to start

      The unique design of the carburettor, cylinder and digital ignition system, together with air purge and decompression valve ensure an easy start.


    • Adjustment to openings
    • Asphalt
    • Blocks, curbstones and pavers
    • Burying of cables
    • Cast concrete
    • Floors and walls
    • Pipes
    • Rails
    • Rescue cutting

    Technical specifications for K 760

    Engine specifications  
    Cylinder displacement 73,5 cm?
    Power output 3,7 kW
    Vibration & noise data  
    Vibrations front handle 2,4/2,4 m/s?
    Vibrations rear handle 2,4/2,4 m/s?
    Sound pressure level at operators ear 101 dB(A)
    Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) 115 dB(A)
    Cutting equipment  
    Blade diameter 300/350 mm
    Max cutting depth 100/125 mm
    Overall dimensions  
    Weight (excl. cutting equipment) 9,6/9,8 kg