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Core Drill Motor DM340

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  • Core Drill Motor DM340

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    Husqvarna DM340 Motor Drill, 115V

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    Most powerful drill motor available for heavy duty core drilling applications where high production rates are needed, especially with larger diameter core bits.

    • Spindle speed full load low speed 170 / 380 / 650 Rpm.
    • Spindle speed no load low speed 240 / 530 / 900 Rpm.
    • 20 Amps, 115 Volts, 3,400 Watts
    • 1-1/4" - 7 spindle thread.
    • Max recommended bit diameter from 16" (400mm).
    • Weight 31 lbs (14 kg).


    • Able to drill holes up to 16" in diameter with DS 800, DS 450, DS 70 or gyro stands.
    • For reinforced concrete, bricks and other building material.
    • Heavy-duty applications like water evacuation, channels for ventilation and plumbing, waste evacuation pipes, gas supply pipes, barriers, road signs and holes in corners for wall sawing openings.
    • Angle drilling and positioning in all directions.


    • Water cooled, three speed gearbox for optimal drilling performance and increase life.
    • The LED indicator shows the load of the machine and makes it possible for the operator to always drill at maximum pressure for best performance.
    • Equipped with Elgard™ which indicates via the LED, when the machine is overloaded to prevent motor damage and increases product life.
    • For a smooth start and when drilling in hard materials such as re-bar, the drill motor is equipped with Softstart™ and Smartstart™.
    • The machine has an integrated handle for easier transport and faster set-up.
    • The controls are designed and positioned to further enhance ergonomics and are easy to maneuver.
    • The water hose has 180 degree freedom providing flexible set-up configuration.
    • Recommended generator size 5,000 watt.