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Q Render Premium Sponge

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  • Q Render Premium Sponge

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    Quick Render Premium Sponge Finish

    ROCKCOTE Quick Render Premium Sponge Finish (formerly Quick Render Thin Section) is a pre-blended cement render manufactured to exacting specifications composed of high quality washed and graded sand, High Early Strength, Off White Portland Cement and proprietary Polymer additives conforming to Australian Standard 3972. The inclusion of quality acrylic polymers in the Quick Render Premium Sponge Finish formulation aids adhesion and setting.

    Properly cured ROCKCOTE Quick Render Premium Sponge Finish exhibits minimal drying shrinkage and is a reliable surface for over-coating with ROCKCOTE Coloured Renders and texture finishes; ROCKCOTE Armour or EcoStyle Paints. This product meets the requirements of the professional tradesperson and the demands of modern construction materials and methods. ROCKCOTE Quick Render Premium Sponge Finish is simple to mix and easy to apply and finish.


    • Easy to use
    • Excellent adhesion to properly prepared substrates
    • ROCKCOTE Acrybond not required, just add water


    • Tough
    • Long term exterior protection
    • Water repellent
    • Does not need priming before Painting
    • Can be Painted after 48 hours (site mix Sand and cement must be cured for 28 days prior to coating)
    • Saves time and money
    • Can reduce scaffold costs, when used instead of site mix Sand and cement Render


    • Suitable for application over properly prepared substrates such as brick, block, concrete, A.A.C blocks and panels and tilt up
    • Can be used interior and exterior
    • Ideal to use as a base coat for ROCKCOTE Acrylic Coloured Renders, Roll On Textures and membrane Paints and coatings
    • Should be overcoated within 28 days of application
    • Suitable for pumping/spraying