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Reo-Sok 24-32mm Bag of 50

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  • Reo-Sok 24-32mm Bag of 50

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    • Protection caps for re-inforcement bars
    • Uses
    • ?Exposed ends of re-inforcement
    • ?Stand alone application
    • ?Trench or similar application
    • ?Horizontal bars
    • ?Suitable for use with star pickets




    The Reo-Sok system helps protect workers from potential
    injuries on construction site resulting from exposed ends of
    steel reinforcement bars, including injuries to eyes from
    horizontal bars extruding from vertical surfaces.
    The Reo-Sok System comprises brightly coloured extruded
    plastic caps to which reinforcement bars can be added for
    increased protection.
    The various sizes of Reo-Sok cater for all common
    reinforcement steel diameters as well as covering ends of
    star pickets and some scaffolding profiles.
    The Reo-Sok System is recognised and accepted by various
    Federal and State Safety Authorities in Australia and New
    Tests conducted by TEI Consulting Engineers, highly
    respected testing engineers in the United States, have
    proven that Reo-Sok drastically reduces the risk of
    impalement and other serious injuries in the workplace.
    High visibility yellow
    • ?Suits 12 to 24 mm reinforcing bars
    ?High visibility orange
    • ?Suits 24 to 36 m diameter reinforcing bar


    Continuous Application
    Ensure reinforcement bars are level. Place the correct size
    Reo-Sok protective cap on exposed bars. Clip-in 12 mm
    continuous bar. Bend return ends to 90? for safety. Any
    reinforcement bars that protrude above the rest should be
    cut back level.
    Stand Alone Application
    For reo-bars that stand alone or that need to be higher than
    others. Reo-Sok combined with protective T-Bar must be
    used. T-Bars are available on request or simply make your
    own on site. This will not provide the same protection as the
    continuous Reo-Sok System, however it will provide greater
    protection than no bar at all.
    Trench or similar Application
    Where a worker can fall into trenches, shafts, piers, etc, the
    System must be used with protection bar.
    Horizontal Bars
    Reo-bars that protrude horizontally can be made safer with
    Reo-Soks applied without the need for an additional bar.