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Wafle Pod Sticks

The Waffle Pod Slab System is a better way of building concrete slabs for new homes, extensions or commercial industrial buildings. The Waffle Pod Slab Systems allows more accurate specification of concrete quantities, reduces waste and provides a substantial boost to building site efficiency. It has minimal impact on the environment - there is less soil disturbance, and no excavated rubble from trenches to dispose of. The on-ground slab, with air pockets created by the Pods, forms an insulating layer between the structure and the ground. The Waffle Pod Slab System is the winner of an Engineering Excellence Award from the Institution of Engineers Australia, and complies with all relevant Australian Codes and Standards.

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  • Wafle Pod Sticks

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    DIMENSIONS: 600x70x40mm


    Save time and save your back with the Polyfoam Podstick ®. Designed specifically for use with expanded polystyrene pods, the 600mm long Podstick ® both spreads the load of the reinforcing mesh and maintains a 40mm height spacing. Using two to three per pod, simply drop the Podsticks into position and place the reinforcing mesh on top. With a superior opening allowing for maximum concrete flow, you can rest assured that your slab quality will not be compromised when using the Podstick ®.