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Power Board 10 A

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  • Power Board 10 A

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    Power Board 10 A 

    Clipsal Lifesaver range. Protecting you. Protecting your equipment.

    For a tradesperson or the home handyperson who works away from fixed RCD protection, portable protection is a must. The cords of power tools and electrical garden equipment are easily damaged, and using any appliance in damp conditions can also be dangerous. The Clipsal Lifesaver range of portable protection includes plugs, plug adaptors, heavy-duty cord sets, cable reels and portable power outlets, all of which offer safety when working with electricity.

    Switched Power Outlets

    The 485 Series offers two or four shuttered switched power outlets in double pole arrangement with either 10 or 15 Amp overload protection, all with 30mA sensitivity (10mA model is available for use in hospitals).

    The combined residual current device/miniature circuit breaker units in the 485 Series are mounted on the side of the housing and protected by a clear cover flap, which reduces the risk of damage through knocks or dirt and dust intrusion.

    The body housing is made of robust construction and features a stable base and a handy wrap-around for the unit’s 1.8 metre flexible cord. The outlets are cleverly positioned well above ground level, out of the way of dust, dirt and water (IP33 rated).