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  • Gladstone
    8 Side Street
    Gladstone, QLD

Gladstone is the gateway to the central Queensland gas and coal fields and with its new LNG plants under construction on Curtis Island, there is considerable growth in the region. The demand for construction material and equipment is ably met by Lyndons Gladstone store in the north western outskirts of the city.

Gladstone has a large port facility to service the mining industry and the huge growth in business and residential construction has allowed Lyndons to provide a full range of concrete construction material tools, accessories and of course masonry blocks. From its Gladstone store Lyndons can ensure that all your masonry needs are readily available by way of grey blocks, decorative blocks and all materials including reinforcing, concrete and sand..

Lyndons' Gladstone store also has an range of masonry blocks perfectly suited suited to a wide range of wall construction be it for building or retaining walls meeting the strict building guidelines for building in the cyclone areas of Queensland with a full choice of both grey blocks and decorative blocks for design construction.

Not limited to just our masonry blocks, this store also is able to supply builders and concreters with building materials, tools, machinery and accessories to the concrete construction industry. Lyndons Gladstone also supplies the Rockcote range of renders and paints.

If you require steel, our Gladstone store is able to provide on-site steel processing, scheduling and take-offs.

The Gladstone store services both small and large builders and can offer either pick-up or on-site delivery of your building materials and supplies.

Whilst we provide masonry blocks and concreting materials such as steel reinforcing and sand, Lyndons Gladstone offers a complete range of hardware for concrete construction including:

  • Hand Tools for concreters, bricklayers and renderers
  • Concrete machinery
  • Concreting building materials
  • Steel reinforcing
  • Power tools & Accessories for concreters & builders



8 Side Street,Gladstone,4680

Ph:(07) 4972 1691

Fax:(07) 4372 1086

Hours of Trade:

Monday – Thursday 6:30am – 4pm

Friday 6:30am - 3pm

Closed: Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays